Freestyle Rap Artist

Freestyle Rap Artist

Rap music, most preferably freestyle rap music, has become the first choice of youngsters whom you can often see in different pubs, bars, clubs and events singing with their favorite rap artist. India is also witnessing a significant change in the way of rap music, mostly Punjabi. They are often found searching for the best freestyle rap artist or free style rap artist to add wonders and fun in any event or any live show. Youngsters in Delhi and NCR and even all parts of the country are very fond of Punjabi songs and rap artists from this state because of their personality and way of presentation.

For them, Siddharth Sood – a Punjabi, who grew up in Delhi and studied in Pune, is not a new name. The Chandigarh born rapper has made his debut in Mumbai – the Bollywood world. The passion of freestyle rap has transformed him into the most preferred and favorite rap artist to perform at weddings and various other grand events.

It was the time around 20 years ago, when Eminem – the famous name in rap music world, released his first album – Siddharth (most commonly known as Sid) was making all efforts to impress two girls with involvement of cranking up Eminem on his car stereo and rapping along. However, at that time, he didn’t know the words and usually jut made them up. When he came to the point of realizing that one of the girls was impressed with this, he kept at it and making up words and rapping about things around him.

However, he later come to the point of knowing that it is called freestyle rap and took to the stage. The perfect height started to begin in Mumbai when he was spotted by a Mumbai based wedding planner to perform at weddings.

It was the time when he took a bus from Pune to reach Mumbai for his first gig to perform at the wedding. From that time, he never looked behind and now a common and popular free style rap artist hired largely by wedding planners and people for grand events.

2009 was the special year when he gave up doing pub gigs and took up wedding rapping full time. Now, for private parties, anniversary celebrations, kitty parties and even a baby shower, his rap music is preferred very much.

There is a lot more hidden with ups and downs in his career. For any grand event, you just have to contact to book this famous and best freestyle rap artist anywhere in India and worldwide.